LCC Clothing 2016-17

New Clothing – 2016/2017 season The Club is pleased to announce that we have secured a 3 year deal with Kookaburra to provide us with updated playing Read more

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Leading Performers (Current Season)

1 Benjamin R McDermott126Premier League 1st Grade5
2 Andrew J McConnon101Premier League 3rd Grade4
3 Jackson Grubb93Premier League 1st Grade3
4 Georgia Redmayne91Premier League Womens5
5 Joshua J Onn83Premier League 3rd Grade1
6 Luke A Doran81Premier League 1st Grade3
7 Daniel L Chapman78Premier League 2nd Grade3
8 Marcus Bray745th Grade4
9 Trent Rogers73Premier League 3rd Grade3
10 Daniel L Chapman69Premier League 2nd Grade2